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The Dead Beats were up next a 5 piece “horror punk ‘n’ roll” outfit from the UK. Chatting to their singer Phil E Stine (who also fronts The Kingcrows) afterwards I asked ‘Is than S T E I N?’ ‘No – S T I N E’ and then I got it! D’oh! He... read more


For your reading pleasure here is an old  live review from our old pal Dave FungalPunk.     The Dead Beats - a band once more in its early days - 2nd gig again I believe. A gathering of entities I know, appreciate and am happy to support - now what would we be given today? What we... read more


  The Reverend Paul Confused, The Dead Beats: Interview, August 2014 The Dead Beats supported Slaughter and the Dogs at Warehouse 23, Wakefield earlier this month. I didn’t get chance to interview the bands on the day but here are some questions I put to The Rev by email... read more