The Dead Beats - Horror Punk 'n' Roll - Welcome To Hell

Despatches from the Undead Front

The Dead Beats were up next a 5 piece “horror punk ‘n’ roll” outfit from the UK. Chatting to their singer Phil E Stine (who also fronts The Kingcrows) afterwards I asked ‘Is than S T E I N?’ ‘No – S T I N E’ and then I got it! D’oh! He made a striking frontman with half blonde, half blue hair. The bass player was in a leopard print army helmet. I hadn’t known they came in animal prints but I may well get one now! With his swagger and similar mannerisms Phil reminded me of Anti-Nowhere League front man Animal, although slighter in build. Zombie Party was a great opening song, loud and fast enough to raise the (un)dead! The Dead Beat party began. All their songs have a horror theme. Phil announced Necronina as being the ‘Love Song for the Dead’ a super fast song. Zombies according to Phil was about all his ex-girlfriends. (Does that means he’s killed them all and they’ve arisen to exact revenge?) After a false start for which the nameless drummer, who in his twisted baseball cap, could have been some Offspring of The Bloodhound Gang, got blamed. Phil asked ‘Who’s got our drummer on Orange Juice? Cos he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing’ second time lucky and Flies and Men turned out to be an enjoyable Psychobilly, Stray Cats type number. Buried Alive My Baby was something like Two Pints of Lager by Splongenessabounds meets Motorhead’s Ace of Spades the last words being ‘Who’s laughing now? Monsters Prefer Blondes went out to, in Phil’s words ‘All the natural blondes out there – like me’  very Meteors go to The Rocky Horror Show but all horror stories have to end and we came to the last song Dawn of The Dead Beats  a fast song with a Motorhead flavour to end the story on a fast note and leave you wanting a sequel.

Set List:
Zombie Party
Confessions of a Psychopath
Day the Earth Stood Still
Sweet Tooth Sickness
Of Flies and Men
Buried Alive My Baby
Monsters Prefer Blondes
Dawn of The Dead Beats

Band Members:
VoX – Phil E Stine
Guitars – Reverend Paul Confused
Bass – Lord Hugh G Rection
Drums – G-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named
Guitar – Vincent Lovecraft


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