The Dead Beats - Horror Punk 'n' Roll - Welcome To Hell

A Fungal Review

For your reading pleasure here is an old  live review from our old pal Dave FungalPunk.



The Dead Beats - a band once more in its early days - 2nd gig again I believe. A gathering of entities I know, appreciate and am happy to support - now what would we be given today? What we had was a horrified upsurge filled with fantastical tales of the accursed, the zombified and the devourers of the deceased. The souls of the onlookers were under threat, the sanctity of the flesh in danger of noxious infection as this collected five piece of nasty pluckers and fuckers did their B-movie bit. This embryonic spillage slipped from the vaginal void of nowhere and thrived on a stage where sweat, sonica and scary motives bloomed - aagghhhh! My hair, all 5 strands, did indeed stand on end at this superior sinister set with the upchuck of deviant and sable material hitting my reactors and inducing a positive response. The closet in which we found ourselves shook with wholesome tuneage ideal for the loser, lout or loon who just wants to switch off and rock the fuck out. Creeping skin crawls were plentiful, thrusting throat grabs abundant, the necromanic attack relentless and despite the aforementioned B-movie thread this was A-class produce. These well worn wankers (compliment indeed) know their stuff, have a gorgeous passion to lust over and highlight what spirit and insight can actually achieve. This is no corpse, this is no feeble has been, this is a new beast looking for life and already they have one new convert. I need more to thoroughly get to grips with the emitting pleasure but for now I will leave you with a comparison - if you loved those early Pan Books of Horror that gathered many fascinating tales of horror into several chilling tomes and you love good rock and roll music then you'll fuckin' adore this. The Dead Beats - remember the name and get ready to glut on the gore.



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