The Dead Beats - Horror Punk 'n' Roll - Welcome To Hell

 The Curious Tale of the dead beats

Originating in 1998 The Dead Beats were formed when Reverend Confused and Elvis Palooka met up after a sleazy late night show. The Rev had been playing hardcore punk and rock n roll respectively for the last few years. Elvis was laying low after playing with The Palookas (Noiseniks fronted by Jowe Head of TV Personalities fame). Both had one thing in common, the desire to play infectious singalong punk rock whilst paying homage to those great films, monsters and stars. From the start, The Dead Beats were going to be the bastard offspring of the Ramones, early Misfits and The Shangri Las!

The songs were pure 50’s grindhouse drive-in: Necro Nina-an undead zombie love song… Of Flies and Men-an ode to vomiting on your girl’s rivals and eating them á la The Fly, whilst Drag Me To Hell and The Day The Earth Stood Still are straight up homages to those great movies. Buried Alive My Baby is a sordid tale of taking your date to the drive-in only to have her go all ‘Evil Dead’ on your ass and despatching her in true horror film style. Amongst this horror and gore, the band keeps all tongues (forked or not) firmly in cheeks, “I killed her twice, the bitch just won’t stop moving” emulates the funnier moments of the Raimi Evil Dead films.

The extremely limited Necro Nina EP garnered great reviews and tours involving everything from costumed Halloween shenanigans, to being thrown out of hotels in the middle of the night for hanging out of windows in their underpants. The band developed a vast array of merchandise all bearing B-movie poster hashups, EC Comics covers depicting the band as zombies and of course the band’s trademark logo designed by the indefatigable Vince Ray.

Lineup changes plagued the band as they wrote the follow up album “We’ll Die Cool”, and as they were about to embark on a European tour, they looked as cursed as the poor souls in the films they loved so much. In 2011, the band split on the eve of the release of We’ll Die Cool.

Sequel Time! In 2014, dragged screaming from the grave, The Dead Beats live again! A new horde of ghouls have joined forces. The Reverend has been reunited with old partner in crime Vincent Lovecraft with whom he shared a stage in Astrozombies many years ago, Phil E Stine , Lord Hugh G Rection and Screamin' Dan Howl!

Chapter Three 2020: Die Screaming Marianne!

The Dead Beats are:

Johny Skullknuckles - Guitars/Vox

The Rev Paul Confused - Guitars/Vox

Lord Hugh G Rection - Bass

Ben Grim - Drums